A Note on Mental Fooditude: It’s All in Your Head

It started with the necessity of politeness. I was at a friend’s parent’s house in Beverly Hills, trying in vain to pull my midriff-exposing sweater down over the waistband of my jeans; I… Continue reading

Silence with a Capital ‘S’

The pot on the stove emits a low, comforting rumble, punctuated occasionally by the faint hiss of an errant drop of water slipping over the edge and onto the squat flame below. Somewhere… Continue reading

An Open Love Letter to the Past Four Years

How do you qualify four years? Four years of work and of play, of debauchery and of dedication, of satisfaction and of sorrow. Or, better yet, how do you quantify them? Number of… Continue reading

The Stories You’ve Heard Have Cropped Edges

My memory books look neat and clean, all tattered pages tucked inside. They’re the stories you know by heart; the quaint, cropped ballads of love before the lovesickness. I’ve told them a thousand… Continue reading

Three Lives: On How Miami Made Me Independent & Barcelona Made Me Brave

I have three lives. I have three selves. Three families, three groups of friends. Three pasts, three presents, and three futures. I am San Diego Morgan. I am Miami Morgan. And I am… Continue reading

butterflies of the mind

The light streaming through the windows would be considered pale blue if it didn’t tend towards dead gray. It’s a classic scene from an overwrought menstrual cramps commercial; a woman tossing about in… Continue reading

How do you like them apples, Ryanair?

As you know, budget airlines like to screw you out of your money in any way they can. But last weekend, good triumphed over evil when I approached the Ryanair desk laden down… Continue reading

Everyone in Amsterdam is Andy

I’ve never met a morning I liked. My am moods range from frigid brat to raging lunatic, with no appealing option present. So, needless to say, waking up at 9am to catch a… Continue reading

The Way Belgium Looks From a Stranger’s Couch

Remember that time I told my parents that my trip to Belgium was a program-sponsored trip that I was taking with friends as opposed to a one-woman adventure that found me sleeping on… Continue reading

Lounging in Lisbon

Deplaning in Lisbon, Portugal, I was immediately greeted by a beautiful rainbow shining overhead. I couldn’t help but consider it a hopeful symbol sent to rejuvenate my previously bleak morning, characterized by a… Continue reading